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My new Jade Solar Titanium bicycle,
built up with Dura-Ace 9 speed components
The Jade frame before
it was built up

Me on my first Century Ride (100 miles)
The "100 Grand" in June 2004
For more pictures from this ride, click here.
What my hair looks like after
100 miles under a bicycle helmet

My leg with seven stitches after a
spectacular wipeout on loose gravel.

Get the story here.
Tanja on her Schwinn Voyageur GS
mounted in her new resistance trainer

For more Spinzilla pictures, click here.

This event was hosted by Rapid Wheelmen
member Bob H.  To read his version and fellow
member Jeff S.'s version of events, click here.

My first IceBike ride of the year!

11/24/2004 in about 6" of new snow.
The birthday cake that Tanja got me for my 40th birthday.
I'm told that's a bike path, and the bikes aren't REALLY
sunk up to their axles in a stream (though I'm sure the
cyclocross guys beg to differ!)

Lance Armstrong's Leg -- Wow!

My Leg -- Got a ways to go!

A wallhanging woven by my friend Jochen Ditterich. You can see (and purchase!) more of his work at

My adventures on the 2011 National 24 Hour Challenge (N24HC)

A few photos from "Bag Balm" 2009

My "Century of Rain" (100 miles on bike in rain and sleet)
Jeff S., a fellow Rapid Wheelmen member, gives his opionion

Jeff S's description of riding the DALMAC Quint (500 miles in 5 days.) I make a few guest appearances.

My profile and my journal from BikeJournal.Com
A graph of my mileage by date (updated semi rarely)

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