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Jochen Ditterich is a very good friend of mine and a master weaver. You can see (and purchase!) his work at WeaverJochen.com. (Oh, and did I mention that I host and maintain his website?)

Nick Holland is one of my best friends from Michigan Tech. His website is at NickH.org

Jeff Burhans is an... um... interesting friend of mine from Michigan Tech. His website is at Griffon-Ltd.com
Update: After losing contact with Jeff, I was sad to learn that the reason I lost contact with him was that Jeff died in 2014. I've archived some of his website content here

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All photographs on these pages were taken by myself (Mike Burden) or my wife (Tanja Burden) unless otherwise specified (Hi, Nick !).  Copyrights for these photos reside with the photographer.  You can click on any of these thumbnail images to see the full size image.

Lately I've been to busy/lazy to keep this updated much. You can see some stuff that I've uploaded but haven't sorted on my miscellaneous page

Ron and Renae, Tanja and me at Casa Adela in Playa del Carmen in February, 2009
See more pictures of our trip to Playa del Carmen, click here.
Tanja on a zipline during our January 2009 Panama and Costa Rica cruise.
See more pictures of our Panama and Costa Rica tour, click here.
Dori, Tanja, and Ron in a Pongo boat on the Pacific on a whale-watching tour on our 2006 Sea of Cortez tour.
See more pictures of our Sea of Cortez tour, click here.
Tanja at Charlie's restaurant in Tulum, Mexico.   It was taken during our March 2003 vacation to Mexico.
See more pictures of our vacation to Tulum here.
This is a photograph of the main pyramid at Chitzen-Itza. It was taken during our March 1998 vacation to Mexico.
Read about our adventure and see more pictures here.
This is my new Jade Solar Titanium bicycle.
To see more bicycle related pictures, click here.
The Lincoln Memorial.   Taken during my April 2003 business trip to Bethesda, MD (a suburb of DC)
See more pictures of Washington, D.C. here. here.
This is my wife, Tanja, on Macinac Island.
These are my niece and nephew, Reese and Dexx!
To see more family pictures, click here.

Tanja on her Schwinn Voyageur GS on her new resistance trainer.
For more bicycle related things, click here.
This is some of the pottery that Tanja has made.
To see more of her pottery, click here.
These are the two newest additions to our family, Katharine and Natasha (Katharine is the black cat, Natasha is the grey tabby).
To see more kitty pictures, click here.
This is me in the lake.  In the Winter.  Through a hole in the ice.
For more pictures of what I consider Winter fun, click here.
This is a picture of the Lunar eclipse January 2000.  It was taken at about 1:00am, when the eclipse was about 3/4 over.
To see the rest of the eclipse pictures, click here.
One of my pictures of the Fourth of July 1999 fireworks display in downtown Grand Rapids.
For more photos of fireworks, click here.
This is a picture of this year's (99) Jack-O-Lantern. 
The front is carved like Dr. Jeckyl drinking from a test tube.  The back is carved so that it projects Mr. Hyde onto the wall behind the pumpkin.
For more Halloween pictures, click here.
Tanja was burning a candle in the bedroom one day, and I noticed that it looked really cool shining through the crystal bowl that we got for our wedding.  The effect is even better because the picture behind the flowers is our wedding picture, and there is a Valentines card in the frame with it.
This is a picture of a hummingbird that I took while at my parents house one day last summer. I stood motionless next to the tree that the feeder is attached to for nearly half an hour to get this shot! 
This is Michigan Tech University in Houghton, Michigan, as seen from a scenic viewpoint just outside of Hancock. 
The famous Hale-Bopp comet. This was somewhere around a 13 second exposure. 
A photograph of lightning taken in Oriole Park (just down the street from my house).
This is me (on the left), with Jeff Burhans , who gave me the incentive to create this web page by calling me "web challenged".
An X-Ray of my left thumb after I dislocated it on 7/10/99.  I was skating (inline) when my skate hit a stick.  My skate stopped, but I didn't.  (The comments on the X-Ray were added after I scanned it in).
Local (Michigan) artist Jim Pallas (2nd from the right) along with (from left to right):  Barbra and Senator Carl Levin, Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Debbie Stabenow, and his wife Janet Pallas.
You can find Jim's homepage here.
(Photo credit unknown)
Some of the photographs on these pages have been digitally retouched.  To see some before and after pictures, and descriptions of the retouching process, click here.
Red Elvises.  Your Favorite Band!
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