Lunar Eclipse, January 2000
According to the newspaper, the eclipse started to be visible at around 10:00, but you couldn't prove it from here because the clouds were so dense from about 9:00pm until about 12:30am that you couldn't even tell where the moon was, let alone see how eclipsed it was.

Then suddenly just before 12:30 am, it was like someone pulled a blanket off the sky.  There was an almost perfectly straight line as the trailing edge of the cloud cover receeded.  After that, the sky was perfectly clear.

The pictures I have start when the eclipse is nearly three-quarters over with, and go from there.

Earlier in the day, I had loaded both of my Pentax Super Programs.  When the clouds cleared up, I took the first Pentax, my tripod, and a 500mm lens with a focal length doubler into the back yard and set it up.  My plan was to take about 3-4 photos every 5 minutes or so, bracketing my exposures, and to switch cameras if I used up the roll of film before the visible eclipse ended.  I used the self timer on the camera to eliminate vibration caused by my touching the shutter release.

About 15 minutes into my plan, the battery went dead in the first camera.  Luckily, the second one was already set up and ready to go, so I just swapped which camera was attached to the lens.  The rest of the session went smoothly.

Hopefully in the next few days I will finish using up the roll of film that was in the first camera, and if I'm lucky I'll have another photo or two to add to this page.

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