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Pictures From Our Trip to Tulum, Mexico
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Pictures taken with the Digicam (more to come soon!)

Arrival at Hotel La Perla
View from our balcony.
A view of the beach.
Hotel La Perla (as seen from the road)
Internet Cafe that we sent email from
Tanj modelling the green dress that she bought.
Mike (the one with the blue snorkel) at Grand Cenote (SAY-NO-TAY)
Mike at Grande Cenote
Mexican gas station

Tanj outside a church in Punta Allen

Punta Allen is named after the Allen,  Edward Teach's (Blackbeard the Pirate) ship.  Apparently Teach used this location as a place to lay low when the heat was on.
Pothole on the road to Punta Allen.

Tanj modelling a blouse that she bought.

Pyramid at Coba.


Pictures taken with the Pentax Super Program coming soon^W someday


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