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This is my Jack-O-Lantern from 2002. 

Notice the ghosts projected on the wall.

The front of our house.  The spiderweb is lit from below with a flourescent black light.   The bead curtain is lit from above with a flourescent black light fixture with a strobe setting.
This is my Jack-O-Lantern from 1999. 

The front of it is carved like Dr. Jeckyl drinking from a test tube.  The back of it is carved to project an image of Mr. Hyde on the wall behind the pumpkin.

This is another picture of the same, but using an 80a filter (corrects color when using daylight balanced film indoors without a flash.)
Tanja and me
Everyone agreed that Rick took the cake for best costume!  (Without the camera flash, his arms were as dark as his face)
Our friends Mindy and Jeremy.  I have to say that a pumpkin makes a great costume for a woman that is 5 months pregnant! (And don't you think that Jeremy's hat is just perfect for that costume?)
Even Bubba the adopt-a-cat (he really belongs to the next-door neighbor, but spends most of his time on our front porch) got into the Halloween spirit with a bat bow-tie!
 Tanja and I at Nick Holland's house in '98 (I had to make sure that I mentioned the location so that no one would think that all of that mess is at MY house!)
Picture by Nick Holland.
My Jack-O-Lantern from '97, 

The front is carved like a castle silhouetted by a full moon.  The back is carved to project an image of the full moon and a cloud on the wall behind the pumpkin

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